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SCIFL is opening the 2024 season with its Masters Tournament on Sunday, March 10, 2024 at Little Lake Park, Santa Fe Springs, CA. Teams interested in participating will need to contact the tournament director, Jesse Ortiz, at scifastpitch @ by email by Saturday, February 24, 2024 so the fields can be paid the following Monday, per the City of Santa Fe Springs permit agreement. Once the field rentals have been paid we will not be able to make any adjustments so please make sure you notify Jesse in a timely manner.

We will continue to use the bat tester and provide tamper proof decal stickers at this event. Each bat will need to be tested prior to use. Bats that do not have the current tamper proof decal sticker will not be allowed in the game. Players should not try to take the tamper proof decal sticker off because any bat with a sticker that looks like it's been tampered with will not be allowed in play.

In order to start the games on time please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to game time so we can test your bat and provide passing bats with a tamper proof decal sticker for umpires to check on the field.

SCIFL is a non-profit organization that only receives funds from the entry fee teams pay to cover the expenses of running a tournament. Once a team commits to the tournament the expenses are calculated and the field rentals are paid in advance. If a team has committed and then decides to drop out of the tournament, for any reason, they will be subject to the entry fee to cover expenses. The fees will need to be paid prior to any future SCIFL and NAFA tournaments to avoid the team's roster (players) from suspension. SCIFL will take the team's roster from the last tournament the team played and will place it on a suspension list if the cancellation fee is not paid. This means players from that team will not be able to play in any SCIFL and NAFA tournaments until the cancellation fee is paid, so please make sure when you commit you are committed to playing in the tournament.
The City of Santa Fe Springs "Department of Community Services Parks & Recreation Services Division Athletic Fields - Rental Policy" states "NO ALCOHOL BEVERAGES ALLOWED ON PREMISES; INCLUDING THE PARKING LOT! If a team or spectator is in violation of this policy, the organization may have further use of a City facility suspended. This includes any individual coming onto the premises already intoxicated" so please make sure this policy is adhered to avoid SCIFL from losing its field permit.

If a tournament in progress is stopped, for violating the policy, no refunds will be provided.

A sad day for Southern California Fast Pitch. Our friend and teammate Greg Dobler passed away. Greg was one of the great guys of our sport and played for various teams over the years. He will be missed by all. Services are posted below. The SCIFL community sends its condolences to his wife and family. May you rest in peace Greg. 🥎 🍺 🙏

Las Vegas Road Trip XVII

Scroll down for Host Hotel Information to Arizona Charlie's and Excalibur Hotel & Casino.

Updated 1/26/2024 @ 9:30 PM PST

Due Date

The due date of January 25, 2024 has come and gone. All teams have paid their entry fee and the tournament is now full.

First Come First Serve Method

We used the first come first serve method when accepting the entry fees. This included teams on the waiting list, which meant if a team paid their entry fee before another team, they would move up on the waiting list.

Break Down

The breakdown of each division originally consisted of 12 teams in the AA, 12 in the A-Major, and 26 in the A totaling a 50 team tournament due to the number of fields available and the city's curfew.

Not every team in the AA and A paid their entry fee so the number of teams in the AA division was decreased to 10, the number of teams in the A division was decreased to 25, and the number of teams in the A-Major division was increased to 15 to allow the teams in the waiting list to participate and still keep the maximum of 50 teams for the tournament.


Rosters are due two weeks before the tournament and you can download a blank roster by going to the website and use the "NAFA World Series Roster." Make sure your pitchers are classified in the correct division, otherwise, they will not be able to participate.


Below is a list of all the teams that will participate in the tournament. Please make sure the information listed is correct. If your team is misspelled or you would like to change the team name, please contact Jesse Ortiz the tournament director so it can be updated.

  1. Bear Creek - ON, CAN   -  (Paid)
  2. Hill United Chiefs, CAN   -  (Paid)
  3. Morongo Men's Club, CA   -  (Paid)
  4. Loyalty Team, FL   -  (Paid)
  5. San Diego Gear Squad, CA   -  (Paid)
  6. Saskatoon Jack's , CAN   -  (Paid)
  7. Kansas City Bravos, MO   -  (Paid)
  8. Team 45 Athletics, CA   -  (Paid)
  9. Halftime Rec Saint Paul, MN   -  (Paid)
  10. Budmen, CA   -  (Paid)
  1. High Road Excavating North Stars - BC, CAN   -  (Paid)
  2. Neudorf Posse - SK, CAN   -  (Paid)
  3. Maccabi USA, CA   -  (Paid)
  4. Anthem Hills Dental, NV   -  (Paid)
  5. Rude Pac Fastpitch, CA   -  (Paid)
  6. Bryan's Blackhawks, OK   -  (Paid)
  7. A-1 Construction, CA   -  (Paid)
  8. The Dundalk Smoke - ON, CAN   -  (Paid)
  9. Smokers, CA   -  (Paid)
  10. Oklahoma Sykos, OK   -  (Paid)
  11. Alberta Masters Pirates, CAN   -  (Paid)
  12. Macabe Mexico, MEX   -  (Paid)
  13. Pinebeetles Missoula, MT   -  (Paid)
  14. NW Braves, OR   -  (Paid)
  15. TJ Fastpitch, MEX   -  (Paid)
  1. Colorado Knights, CO   -  (Paid)
  2. Rockwood Rush - ON, CAN   -  (Paid)
  3. Lushootseed, CA   -  (Paid)
  4. Smart Alecs - BC, CAN   -  (Paid)
  5. AZ Brewers, AZ   -  (Paid)
  6. Tramex , CA   -  (Paid)
  7. Red Leaf, SD   -  (Paid)
  8. JRM , OH   -  (Paid)
  9. Maccabi Canada Rays - ON, CAN   -  (Paid)
  10. Warriors, CA   -  (Paid)
  11. Beer Nuts, CA   -  (Paid)
  12. Austin Bluejays , TX   -  (Paid)
  13. Beaumont Coyotes, CA   -  (Paid)
  14. Kansas Indians, OK   -  (Paid)
  15. Budmen A, CA   -  (Paid)
  16. 22 Concrete/MPC, PA   -  (Paid)
  17. Masters Tijuana, MEX   -  (Paid)
  18. Raymar, CA   -  (Paid)
  19. Manderson Athletics, SD   -  (Paid)
  20. So Cal Bandits, CA   -  (Paid)
  21. Gallup Fastpitch, NM   -  (Paid)
  22. HomeBoys, NM   -  (Paid)
  23. Macabe Masters, MEX   -  (Paid)
  24. New Mexico Braves, NM   -  (Paid)
  25. Jtown, MEX   -  (Paid)
Thank you

All the teams in the waiting list, thank you so much for your interest in the tournament.

AA - (Waiting List)
  1. 222's Fastpitch - SK, CAN
A - (Waiting List)
  1. Colombia Legends, COL
  2. Vancouver Hawks - BC, CAN
  3. BigEagle Express, OK
  4. JVM, CA
  5. Champs, MEX
  6. Plebes, MEX
  7. Team Alpha, SD
  8. Barona, CA

Original Post 11/6/2023 @ 8:00 PM PST

SCIFL and NAFA are pleased to announce its 17th edition of the "Las Vegas Road Trip" Men's Fast Pitch Tournament which will be held on April 5-7, 2024 with the first round games starting Friday at 12:00 PM PT, and the Championship games scheduled for 3:00 PM PT on Sunday.

This event will accept teams who pay their entry fee prior to the due date. If for any reason the event cannot proceed, refunds will be issued so it is extremely important everyone pays online to make it easier and quicker to process refunds, if needed.


Teams flying in and out should make plans to be ready to play early on Friday and late on Sunday in the event the brackets are running late.

While this tournament is a NAFA sanctioned event, it is run by SCIFL; any questions regarding this tournament must go through the SCIFL Commissioner, Jesse Ortiz.


Teams will be separated in the following divisions with the maximum number of teams listed.

A (26-teams maximum)
A-Major (12-teams maximum)
AA (12-teams maximum)

The split was based on a maximum 50-team tournament and how teams signed up from previous events. If the divisions are not filled by the due date, they will be rearranged to reduce the number of teams in a division to add additional teams that have a high amount of teams on the waiting list to have a maximum of 50-teams.


The NAFA pitchers list will be used to monitor pitchers in the tournament as well as the team's current classification. No open class pitchers are allowed to pitch in any of the three divisions. Confirmation into the tournament will be based on the entry fee paid and roster received.

The classification list posted on the NAFA website as of January 31, 2024 will be used to classify pitchers. There will be no appeals for pitchers after that date for this tournament.

A 3-GAME GUARANTEE BRACKET will be used for all divisions with no "IF" games. With a minimum of eight (8) teams in a division, the winner will have their 2024 NAFA World Series entry fee paid for the division they participated in.


Teams interested in participating should contact Jesse Ortiz by email at scifastpitch (at) and inform him if your team can play all three days. Teams that can play all three days will be placed on the priority list, teams that say they can only play on Saturday and Sunday will be placed on the secondary list. No one will be given a "selected" game time as everyone is traveling to the event.


We are accepting a maximum of 50 teams which will be placed on a team interested list, as a first come first serve basis. Once the division is full, additional teams will be added to the waiting list and if they pay their entry fee (in full) they will have an opportunity to participate if a team drops out, does not pay by the due date, or if the number of teams are rearranged in each division because a team has not paid by the due date. If a team on the waiting list pays their entry fee and is not able to get in, their entry fee will be refunded.

*** This tournament has been filling up quickly within the past several years so I would suggest you contact Jesse as soon as possible if you want to be added to the interested team list to have the opportunity to pay first and avoid being on the waiting list. ***


The entry fee for the tournament is $740, which includes a $40 Annual NAFA Team Registration Fee. We will start collecting the entry fee beginning January 2, 2024 and once it's received you will be sent an email to confirm your entry.

All teams will need to submit their entry fee along with their team's roster, listing all their players and identifying their pitchers to ensure teams are placed in their proper classification.

You can pay online by visiting our website and clicking on the "Pay Online" button on the left hand side column or by check, but paying online is the preferred method.

Checks can be made out to "SCIFL" and mailed to:

PO Box 2213
Norwalk, CA 90651


If the entry fee is not received by January 25, 2024 a team may lose their spot to a team on the waiting list who has paid their entry fee. This due date provides teams on the waiting list sufficient time to make appropriate travel arrangements if they are able to get in.

ARIZONA CHARLIE'S is tournament's host hotel for the 17th year. We will be moving from Arizona Charlie's Boulder to Arizona Charlie's Decator which is located off the busy Las Vegas strip in a friendly neighborhood with a shopping center and mall nearby. The hotel offers a casino and sit down dining along with live music in the casino bar/lounge.

Please help keep the tournament cost down by booking with Arizona Charlie's and receive the following special rate of $101.70 per night for Friday and Saturday and $77.97 for Thursday and Sunday nights, if you book directly with the hotel using their 800 number.

In order to receive this rate, you must book by midnight of the cut-off date March 15, 2024.

*** This special rate goes quickly so try to book your rooms as soon as possible because once the selected number of rooms are booked, any additional rooms available will be reverted back to the hotel's going rate. ***


To make your reservations call 800-342-2695 and use the reference code C-SCI23 or mention So Cal Independent Fast Pitch League. If the reservation desk informs you the code is not valid or cannot locate it, ask them not to enter the code in the system but to search for the code to be able to locate it; they should understand that procedure. If you need to book more than three (3) rooms on the same credit card, or have any issues with the reservation desk, contact Kathy Brennan at 702-951-5942 in the group sales department and she will be more than happy to assist you.


3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109-6778

You will be able to receive the special rate of $30 for Thursday and Sunday, $90 for Friday, and $110 for Saturday by visiting this reservation link. A $37.00 daily resort fee plus the applicable Clark County Room Tax is applied to each hotel room reservation and includes amenities. For all registered guests, the resort fee includes: Unlimited domestic long distance (the 50 United States and DC) and toll-free calls, digital newspaper and magazine downloads through PressReader for duration of reservation, property-wide wireless internet access, Fitness Center access for guests 18+, subject to availability, boarding pass printing.

If 5 or more rooms are being prepaid by a non-arriving guest, please email the Group Department at to arrange for prepayment. Make sure the group name is in your email subject line.

If you are paying for someone else's room, and that guest does not have the credit card used to pay for the room when they arrive, they will not be given a room. The guests can pay the entire amount themselves and the credit card used to pay for the room will be refunded, or they can wait for the individual who paid for the room to arrive to get the room keys.

All reservations and any changes must be made before the Cut-off Date, Monday, March 18, 2024 in order to receive the special rate. After the cut-off date, you will pay the going rate so don't miss out, book your reservations before the cut-off date.

*** This special rate goes quickly so try to book your rooms as soon as possible because once the selected number of rooms are booked, any additional rooms available will be reverted back to the hotel's going rate. ***


Information regarding the event and game results will be posted on the SCIFL website. Player stats will be posted on the NAFA website. The tournament will be played at Sunset Park and Warm Springs Park; both are located within 1/4-mile of each other and are located by the Las Vegas International Airport.

Game times will be available once the tournament is filled and everyone has paid their entry fee or two weeks before the event.

Please feel free to contact Jesse if you have any questions regarding this tournament. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

Fastpitch Leagues

The Men's Fastpitch Softball League in Burbank, CA is looking for fastpitch players for their Wednesday night league. Anyone interested in participating, call Juan Zuazola at 818-919-4828.

Orange County/Anahiem
The Men's Fastpitch Softball League in Orange County/Anahiem, CA is looking for fastpitch players for their Tuesday night league. Anyone interested in participating, call Caesar Alvarez at 714-345-3607.

Santa Barbara, CA
Games are played at Elings Park in Santa Barbara, CA at 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM. For additional information, contact League Coordinator Clyde Bennett at (805)895-9007 or visit their website at Elings Park. League isn't restricted only to men. Currently have quite a few women playing and pitching, two of them who pitched at UCSB. Great league for beginning/intermediate players.


July 2023

Raymar defeats Beamount Coyotes 4 to 2 to win the final Alliance Tournament of the year.

SCIFL wants to wish the Beamount Coyotes and the Morongo Men's Club the best of luck at the NAFA World Series. Additional information can be viewed at the Tournament Roundups.

May 2023

Raymar goes undefeated and only allowed three runs throughout the tournament to win their first SCIFL tournament of the year.

Additional information can be viewed at the Tournament Roundups.

April 2023

SCIFL Alliance Tournament "Cecilio E Smalling Memorial" was held April 29-30, 2023 at Los Nietos and Little Lake Park. The Beaumont Coyotes go undefeated throughout the tournament to claim their first Championship of the year. In the championship game they defeated Maccabi 4 to 2, and Jesse Martin was name MVP of the tournament.

Additional information can be viewed at the Tournament Roundups.

Las Vegas Road Trip XVI

The tournament is complete and the Champions are crowned.

In the AA division team Marquez and Jorge Segura go undefeated for the second year to defend their Championship.

In the A-Major division Kansas City Bravos go undefeated to win the Championship.

In the Gold "A" Division Anthem Hills Dental go undefeated to win the Championship, while in the Silver "A" Division the Tribal Brothers fight their way back to win the Championship.

Additional information can be viewed at the Tournament Roundups.


If you would like information about prior events, please visit the Tournament Roundups or Stats section on the left hand side of this page.

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