Las Vegas Road Trip XIV

Updated 3/13/2021 @ 8:30 PM PST

The payment link has been updated below.
The new hotel reservation link has been updated below.
The team roster link has been added below.

Las Vegas Road Trip Coaches

Great News!!!!

We are on for the April 9-11 Las Vegas Road Trip Men’s Fastpitch Tournament.

Due to the extra costs and resources required by the State of Nevada, SCIFL has asked the NAFA National Office to assist with the operation of the event for 2021 only until the pandemic is over. NAFA has accepted to help run the operation to avoid having to cancel the event.

Please email Benjie Hedgecock, NAFA Executive Director that you are still interested in playing along with your team roster identifying your pitchers to ensure you are still able to participate in the division you selected as we want keep the same divisions that SCIFL had; see update breakdown below.

Games will still start at noon on Friday with the Sunday’s Championship game scheduled to be played at 3pm for airline flight arrangements.

The winner of each division will still get their entry fee paid to the NAFA World Series, if they attend.

NAFA is working with the State of Nevada on the 3 game guarantee format and amount of time required by the State in between each game. Players on the field are NOT required to wear masks but everyone else is.

We have assembled a great men’s Fastpitch umpire staff for this event.

The tournament registration, entry fee, waivers and bracketing will all be handled on the NAFA Tourney Machine app like they use at the World Series. NAFA will post the schedules as soon as everyone is registered.

SCIFL will refund the coaches who have paid so they can each pay the entry fee with NAFA using their tourney machine app by March 23, 2021.

The Link for the tourney machine app to register is

Nevada room tax is 13% at any hotel.

A new host hotel has been added to the event,
Is the OYO Casino & Hotel (with on-site Hooters restaurant), the room rates are $40 for Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and $70 for Friday and Saturday night. Make your reservation by going to the OYO Casino & Hotel website or by calling 866-584-6687 and mention code “2104NAFAFP” for the discounted room rates.

They dropped their resort fee to just $10 a night which is amazing for a higher end hotel. Parking is free, Wi-Fi free, 10% off at hooters reassurances, $10 each for 3rd or 4th person in room.

And we are also still using Arizona Charlie’s at 800-362-4040 and use code “So Cal Independent Fastpitch League” with no resort fee and $40 for Thursday and Sunday and $70 for Friday and Saturday nights, who have been hosting the event for years.

You can text Benjie at (503) 559-5398 or Tournament Director Clark Evans at (575) 642-7564 for more info and Say “We’re in for the Las Vegas Road Trip”. We want to play in AA or A-Major or A and our pitchers are.....

We are excited to see you all.

Team Breakdown for each division which has been updated to 10 in AA, 16 in A-Major, and 24 in A.

  1. Those Guys, CA

  2. Wah, CA

  3. The Family El Paso, TX

  4. Gabe's of St. Paul, MN

  5. East Bay Bashers, CA

  6. KW Pirates, CA

  7. Patriots, TX

  8. Primos Hermanos, Mex

  9. Thunderbirds, CAN

  10. DC, MN

  1. Carusos, MA

  2. Page Brake, UT

  3. Krup-K Fastpitch, WI

  4. Dirt Dogs, WA

  5. Baja Masters, Mex

  6. O/C Legends, CA

  7. AJ Masonry Sting, IN

  8. Budmen, CA

  9. Maccabi USA, CA

  10. KW Pirates, CA

  11. A1 Rockies, CA

  12. Bryan's Blackhawks, OK

  13. Muertos de Tijuana, Mex

  14. Maccabi Mexico, Mex

  15. Santa Cecilla 77's, Mex

  16. First Colony Mortgage, UT

  1. Wololok, CA

  2. Colorado Knights, CO

  3. Anthem Hills Dental, NV

  4. MPC Positive Brothers, DC

  5. Morongo Men's Club, CA

  6. OPVS, OK

  7. Athletics, CA

  8. Oklahoma Sykos, OK

  9. Crazy Horse, SD

  10. Red Leaf, SD

  11. Arizona Brewers, AZ

  12. Budmen Masters, CA

  13. So Cal Bandits, CA

  14. Austin Blue Jays, TX

  15. McCoy 913, NM

  16. HomeBoys, NM

  17. War Chiefs, OK

  18. Kansas Indians, OK

  19. Maccabi USA, CA

  20. Smokers, CA

  21. Tribal Brothers, OK

  22. Primos, CA

  23. Compas Tijuana, Mex

  24. No Coyotes, CA


The City of Santa Fe Springs, CA has notified us that the City Council decided to continue to have all facilities closed to the public through May; this includes all ball fields.

We are currently looking to see if we are able to locate other ball fields. If we are able to locate fields, we will update the proposed 2021 schedule.

Please stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.


If you would like information about prior events, please visit the Tournament Roundups or Stats section on the left hand side of this page.

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