Santa Fe Springs I

SCIFL held its Alliance opener on March 23 - 24, 2024 at Little Lake Park in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all the Saturday games due to rain. We were able to complete a one-day tournament on Sunday to prepare all the teams for the Las Vegas Road Trip which will be held on April 5 - 7, 2024.

The one-day tournament was formatted to avoid all teams from playing each other again through the semi-final games. This way each team got to face a different team to see different pitching and get ready for the Las Vegas Road Trip.

The Budmen and Morongo Men's Club, who are playing in the highest division at the Las Vegas Road Trip tournament, were the two teams that triumph to the Championship game. Both teams had their starting pitchers from Mexico duel it out for seven innings. Juan Munoz was the pitcher for the Budmen and Raul Verdugo was the pitcher for Morongo Men's Club.

The game started with Morongo Men's Club scoring 2 runs in the first inning. The Budmen answered back and scored 2 runs themselves. Then scored 2 more runs in the second inning with Lamar Goss homerun to left fields. They scored 2 additional runs in the 3rd inning and did not score any more for the rest of the game. Morongo Men's club started the 4th inning with a triple from Raven Lloyd, then scored on a fielder's choice. No more runs were scored throughout the game.

Thank you to all the teams for their cooperation and understanding for this tournament. We wish you all the best of luck at the Las Vegas Road Trip!




Morongo Men's Club

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