Las Vegas Road Trip XV

The tournament is complete and Champions were crowned.

Click on the link below to view the results for each division.

AA Division Results

A-Major Division Results

A Division Results

AA Divison
Team Marquez, Mexico (7) vs STK, Canada (0)


Team Marquez, Mexico


STK, Canada

A-Major Divison
Budmen, CA (9) vs Smokers, CA (1)


Budmen, CA


Smokers, CA

A Division - Gold
Oklahoma Sykos, OK (6) vs Budmen Master, CA (3)


Oklahoma Sykos, OK

A Division - Silver
Budmen Masters, CA (4) vs Raymar, CA (1)


Budmen Masters, CA

Day 2 (Saturday) Results from the 2022 Las Vegas Road Trip XV
April 10, 2022 by

AA Division – Winner’s Bracket Final – KW Pirates CA vs. Team Marquez, Mexico – 11:30 AM PT Sunday

KW Pirates, CA topped SKT of Canada 2-1 in a Winner’s Bracket Semi-Final on Saturday to earn a spot in the AA Division Winner’s Bracket Final, scheduled for 11:30 AM PT Sunday. (The KW Pirates notched earlier wins on Friday, 4-0 over Alexander Tee Pee Crawlers, and 4-0 over Rio Grande Senators)

The other winner’s bracket finalist is Team Marquez from Mexico, which notched a 2-0 win over Globe Minnesota on Saturday. (Team Marquez notched an earlier win on Friday, 1-0 over the Budmen.

A Major Division – Winner’s Bracket Final – Smokers CA vs. So Cal Quakes – 11:30 AM PT Sunday

The Smokers, CA notched a 6-1 win Saturday afternoon over the Dieppe Ridge Legends, CAN to earn a spot in the A Major Division Winner’s Bracket Final, scheduled for 11:30 AM PT Sunday. (The Smokers CA notched earlier wins on Friday, 7-2 win over Camrose Merchants CAN and 7-5 over MPC Noren, DC)

The So Cal Quakes, CA came up big with a 7-2 win Saturday over the NW Braves to grab the other spot in Sunday’s A Major winners bracket final. (The SoCal quakes notched two wins on Friday, 10-1 over AJ Masonry Sting, IN, and they walk off 7-5 win over MPC/Noren from DC)

A Division – Gold Final – Budmen Masters, CA vs. Oklahoma Sykos, OK – 9:45 AM PT Sunday

The Budmen Masters defeated DC Minnesota 6-3 on Saturday night to earn a spot in Sunday mornings Gold Final at 9:30 AM PT.

The Budmen Masters will face the Oklahoma Sykos, an 11-3 winner over Freed’s Plumbing, of Colorado.

(DC Minnesota and Freed’s Plumbing will drop in to the Silver Winner bracket against the remaining teams in the Lower bracket)

Day 1 Results from the 2022 Las Vegas Road Trip XV – Friday, April 8
April 9, 2022 by

AA Division – Winner’s Bracket Final Four
KW Pirates, CA (4-0 win over Alexander Tee Pee Crawlers, and 4-0 win over Rio Grande Senators)

STK CAN (2-0 win over Rude Pac)

Team Mexico, MEX (1-0 win over Budmen)

Globe MN (5-3 win over Aiken Lake Silver, CAN)

A-Major Division – Winner’s Bracket Final Four
Dieppe Ridge Legends, CAN (7-3 win over Maccabi Mexico and 7-0 win over Budmen)

Smokers, CA (7-2 win over Camrose Merchants CAN and 7-5 win over MPC Noren, DC)

So Cal Quakes, CA (10-1 win over AJ Masonry Sting, IN)

NW Braves OR (7-5 win over Maccabi USA and 8-4 win over Dirt Dogs, WA)

A Division – Winner’s Bracket Elite Eight

Maccabi Canada Rays, CAN

Budmen Masters, CA

So Cal Bandits, CA

OK Sykos, OK

Raymar, CA

Kansas Indians, KS

Freed’s Plumbing CO

Posted 12/06/2021 @ 11:00 PM PST

SCIFL and NAFA are pleased to announce its 15th edition of the “Las Vegas Road Trip” Men’s Fast Pitch tournament which will be held on April 8-10, 2022 with the first round games starting Friday at noon, and the Championship games scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we will have to proceed the same way we did in 2021 by following the guidelines of the State of Nevada and the City of Clark Country. This event will accept teams who pay their entry fee prior to the due date. If for any reason the event cannot proceed, refunds will be issued so it is extremely important everyone pays online to make it easier and quicker to process the refund, if needed.


Teams flying in and out should make plans to be ready to play early on Friday and late on Sunday in the event the brackets are running late.

While this tournament is a NAFA sanctioned event, it is run by SCIFL; any questions regarding this tournament must go through the SCIFL Tournament Director, Jesse Ortiz.


Teams will be separated in the following divisions with the maximum number of teams listed.

A (26-teams maximum)
A-Major (14-teams maximum)
AA (10-teams maximum)

The split was based on a maximum 50-team tournament and how teams signed up from previous events.


The NAFA pitchers list will be used to monitor pitchers in the tournament as well as the team’s current classification. No open class pitchers are allowed to pitch in any of these three divisions. Confirmation into the tournament will be based on the entry fee and roster received.

The classification list posted on the NAFA website as of January 31, 2022 will be used to classify pitchers. There will be no appeals for pitchers after that date for this tournament.

The NAFA 3-GAME GUARANTEE BRACKET will be used for all divisions with no “IF” games. With a minimum of eight (8) teams in a division, the winner will have their 2022 NAFA World Series entry fee paid for the division they participated in.


Teams interested in participating should contact Jesse Ortiz by email at scifastpitch (at) and inform him if your team can play all three days. Teams that can play all three days will be placed on the priority list, teams that say they can only play on Saturday and Sunday will be placed on the secondary list. No one will be given a "selected" game time as everyone is traveling to the event.


We are accepting a maximum of 50 teams which will be placed on a team interested list, as a first come first serve basis. Once the tournament is full, additional teams will be added to the waiting list and if they pay their entry fee (in full) they will have an opportunity to participate if a team drops out or does not pay by the due date. If a team on the waiting list pays their entry fee and is not able to get in, their entry fee will be refunded.

*** This tournament has been filling up quickly within the past several years so I would suggest you contact Jesse as soon as possible if you want to be added to the interested team list. ***


The entry fee for the tournament is $655, which includes the $35 Annual NAFA Team Registration Fee. We will start collecting the entry fee beginning January 2, 2022 and once it’s received you will be sent an email to confirm your entry.

All teams will need to submit their entry fee along with their team’s roster, listing all their players and identifying their pitchers to ensure teams are placed in their proper classification.

You can pay online by visiting our website and clicking on the “Pay Online” button on the left hand side column or by check, but paying online is the preferred method.

Checks can be made out to "SCIFL" and mailed to:

PO Box 6572
Burbank CA 91510


If the entry fee is not received by February 25, 2022, a team may lose their spot to a team on the waiting list who has paid their entry fee. This due date provides teams on the waiting list sufficient time to make appropriate travel arrangements if they get in.


Please help keep the tournament cost down by booking with Arizona Charlie’s and receive the following special rate.

For the 15th year, the host hotel will be Arizona Charlie’s Boulder. There will be a select number of rooms at a special rate of $70 per night for Friday and Saturday and $45 for Thursday and Sunday nights if you book directly with the hotel using their 800 number.

*** This special rate goes quickly so try to book your rooms as soon as possible because once the selected number of rooms are booked, any additional rooms available will be reverted back to the hotel’s going rate. ***

In order to receive this rate, you must book by midnight of the cut-off date March 24, 2022.

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder offers a casino, buffet and sit down dining along with live music in the casino bar/lounge.


To make your reservations call 800-362-4040 and use the reference code C-SCI22 or mention So Cal Independent Fast Pitch League. If you need to book more than three (3) rooms on the same credit card, please contact Kathy Brennan at 702-951-5942 in the group sales department and she will be more than happy to assist you. Also, if the 800 say’s they do not have the SCIFL listing, please call Kathy to book your room. If she is not there, leave a message and she will get back to you.


Information regarding the event, game results and player statistics will be posted on the SCIFL website. This year's tournament will be played at Sunset Park and Warm Springs Park; both are located within 1/4-mile of each other and are located by the Las Vegas International Airport.

Game times will be available once the tournament is filled and everyone has paid their entry fee or two weeks before the event.

Please feel free to contact Jesse if you have any questions regarding this tournament. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

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