Santa Fe Spring V

So Cal Independent Fastpitch League held an Alliance Tournament on July 29 – 30, 2017 at Little Park in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Eight teams took part in the event.

After Saturday’s round-robin play, Wah emerged as the No. 1 seed going undefeated and allowed less run along the other two undefeated teams Beaumont Coyotes and Budmen. On Sunday, they would reach the championship game to face Beaumont Coyotes.

Led by the pitching of Rob Schweyer, Wah would defeat Beaumont Coyotes 4 to 3 in seven innings to be crowned Championship of the tournament.

Wah jumped out strong in the first inning with Mel Shaw’s solo Home Run. In the second inning Rudy Toro singles and would reach third base. Then he would score on a single by Gabe Three giving Wah a two run lead.

In the third inning Omar Medina, from the Coyotes, would reach first base on an error. George Valdivia would single moving Omar to third and then would later reach second base. Damon Valdivia would double, scoring Omar and George. Damon would later score on multiple pass balls and the Coyotes would take the lead 3 -2.

In the sixth inning Mel Shaw would start off the inning with a double and would score on a single by Scooter Harris. Scooter would steal second and then would score on a single by Rob Schweyer giving Wah the lead once again.

Rob Schweyer would hold off the Coyotes in the seventh inning to finish the game 4 to 3.

Saturday’s Round-Robin Results

Wah, Beaumont Coyotes, and Budmen go undefeated with Wah emerging as the No. 1 seed, followed by Beaumont Coyotes, Budmen, A1 Rockies, Bandits, Buzzards, Those Guys, and Young Guns.

On Sunday, Wah began their run into the championship game by defeating Young Guns and would later face A1 Rockies the semi-final game.

Beaumont Coytoes began their run into the championship game by defeating Those Guys and would later face Budmen in the semi-final game.

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