Camp Pendleton

So Cal Independent Fast pitch League held its first Alliance Tournament at Camp Pendleton, CA on June 24, 2017. Seven teams took part in the event with San Diego Primetime participating for the first time since the 2013 season.

After the round-robin play, Wah and A1 Rockies emerged as the No. 1 and 2 seeds, respectively. Both teams rolled through the single-elimination playoffs undefeated into the Championship.

Unfortunately, the lights went off at 10:00 PM shortening the championship game. Wah was crown champions since they were up 3-1 before the lights went out.

Chris Nassour, from A1 Rockies, would start off the game with a single. Then, Andy Martinez would draw a walk. Chris Nassour would score the first run of the game after two passed balls from Rob Schweyer of Wah. Rob would strike out three out of the next four batters he faced to finish the top of the first inning.

Cory Wertz, from A1 Rockies, would hit the leadoff batter Mel Shaw to start off the bottom of the first inning. Mel would later steal second base and advance to third on John Porterís ground out to second base. Anthony Loza would then single up the middle scoring Mel from third. Scooter would also single and Rob would draw a walk. Gabe would single scoring Anthony from third before the inning was over.

Top of the second inning, A1 Rockies would get out 1, 2, 3.

Bottom of the second inning, Cory would get the first two batters out before hitting John Porter. Anthony would single advancing John to third, and finally scoring on a passed ball before the lights would go off.

Round-Robin Results

The day began with all seven teams playing two games in a round-robin. Wah took the No. 1 seed going undefeated, followed by A1 Rockies, Those Guys, So Cal Bandits, Beaumont Coyotes, Primetime, and Budmen. Immediately following the round-robin, the single elimination took place.

Semi-final games

Wah would defeat Beaumont Coyotes 4-1 after the Coyotes defeated the So Cal Bandits.

A1 Rockies would defeat Primetime 8-2 after defeating Budmen 7-1. And, Primetime would reach the semi-final game after defeating Those Guys 4-2.

Overall, everyone had a great time playing at Camp Pendleton for the first time. No pictures were taken because it was too dark.

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