Masters Tournament - Week 6 - Santa Fe Springs, CA
The final Masters Tournament of the year will be held on Sunday, August 28, 2016. The schedule is complete and ready to view. Click here to view the Masters Schedule.

Teams that are participating in the NAFA Masters West World Series in Carson City, the entry fee is due now. You can pay online by clicking here.

ROSTER SUBMITTAL – The roster form on the NAFA web site is in Microsoft Word format. Download the blank document to your team’s Word document file by clicking here. Complete the entries on the form and save.

Prepare an Email to: (Attach your Word Format roster to your email.)

In the subject line of your email, please put “World Series Roster – Team Name – Division Requested (Masters 40, 45, 50, 55, 60)

World Series Roster 2016 – Masters West, 40, Carson City, Nevada

Men's Fastpitch

2016 NAFA World Series Information

NAFA has posted the schedule for the A Division. On Thursday, August 18, 2016 the Taft Buzzards will face St. Charles Tribe from Missouri at 12:30 PM and the Beaumont Coyotes will face Kakebeka Red Ants from Ontario Canada at 2:30 PM. To view the full schedule click on this link 2016 NAFA World Series Schedule.

Jesse will be at the 2016 NAFA World Series in Mankato, MN and will try to provide updates on how the Taft Buzzards and Beaumont Coyotes are doing. Those interested in following their progress check back periodically starting Thursday, August 18, 2016 or follow the NAFA online schedule by clicking on this link NAFA World Series Online Schedule.

SCIFL would like to wish both teams the best of luck!

Buzzards defeat St. Charles Tribe 15 - 2. They play again tonight at 8:30 vs Pinewood Expos.

Coyotes leading 5 - 0 in the 4th inning but heavy rain, thunder, and lighting has delayed the tournament until 6:30 pm central time.

Weather has cleared, field have been dried, and all games have resumed from where they left off.

Coyotes hold on to win 8 - 7, they play again tonight at 8:30 vs Cerro Gordo.

Buzzards defeat Pinewood Expos 5 - 2, they play again Friday at 10:00 AM vs Rivals.

Coyotes defeat Cerro Gordo 9 - 1, they play again Friday at 12:00 PM vs Sioux. Unfortunately, weather once again has delayed games which will resume tomorrow at 7:00 AM if permitted.

Games have resumed and the Buzzards have taken the field. Cody Maxcy hits a two run blast over the left field fence to take a 3 - 0 lead over the Rivals in the first inning. Buzzards defeat Rivals 13 - 4, they play again at 2:00 PM vs Meister Diary.

Coyotes defeat Sioux 9 - 3, they play again at 4:00 PM vs the Sea Dogs.

Buzzards fight and hold on to win Meister Dairy 10 - 8 by turning a double play to finish the game. They play again Saturday at 2:00 PM vs All Star Automotive.

Coyotes fight and hold on to win the Sea Dogs 6 - 5. They play again Saturday at 2:00 PM vs Minnesota Computers.

Rain delayed all games this morning approximately 5 hours. Both Buzzards and Coyotes are scheduled to play at 7:00.

Minnesota Computers defeat Coyotes 7 - 4. The Coyotes will now have to fight back to the winner's bracket.

The Buzzards defeat All Star Automotive 11 - 7 to move on to the semi-final game where they will face Minnesota Computers.

Coyotes defeat Northern O Select 11 - 2 and will now face Animal House.

Animal House defeat Coyotes 4 - 3. The Coyotes had a great run at the World Series and finishes 4th out of 44 teams.

Buzzards defeat Minnesota Computers 2 - 1 to make it to the championship game. They will face the winner of Minnesota Computers or Animal House.

Minnesota Computers fight their way back to face the Buzzards in the Championship game.

Minnesota Computers defeat Buzzards 5 - 4 to force the if game.

Buzzards defeat Minnesota Computers 6 - 2 and are crowned champions.

Alliance Tournament - Week 7 - Santa Fe Springs, CA
There were several teams that participated in the SCIFL throughout the year and only two teams will be heading to the NAFA World Series “A” Division in Mankato, MN. Before the two teams head to the NAFA World Series they would face off in the last SCIFL tournament of the year, where the Buzzards would defeat Beaumont Coyotes 8 – 6 and claim their second championship of the year. For additional information, Click Here.

The stats for this tournament have been posted and you can view them along with the tournament leaders and season leaders by clicking here.

Masters Tournament - Week 5 - Santa Fe Springs, CA
In the Masters modified double elimination, Casa Trejo defeat Budmen to be crowned Champions in the Gold Bracket and in the Silver Bracket the Patriots defeat Juaneño Smokers to be crowned Champions.

The final Masters tournament of the year will be held August 28, 2016.
Double Elimination Results      

Alliance Tournament - Week 6 - Santa Fe Springs, CA
The Buzzards defeat Maccabi 7 to 4 to claim their first championship title of the year. For additional information, Click Here.

Bat Testing
Tamper proof decal stickers will be utilized at all SCIFL events so each bat will need to be tested prior to use. Bats that do not have a tamper proof decal sticker will not be allowed in the game. Players should not try to take the tamper proof decal sticker off because any bat with a sticker that looks like it’s been tampered with will not be allowed in play.

In order to start the games on time please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to game time so we can test your bat and provide passing bats with a tamper proof decal sticker for umpires to check on the field.


SCIFL is a non-profit organization that only receives funds from the entry fee teams pay to cover the expenses of running a tournament. Once a team commits to the tournament the expenses are calculated and the field rentals are paid in advance. If a team has committed and then decides to drop out of the tournament, for any reason, they will be subject to the entry fee to cover expenses. The fees will need to be paid prior to any future SCIFL and NAFA tournaments to avoid the team’s roster (players) from suspension. SCIFL will take the team’s roster from the last tournament they played in and will place those players on a suspension list if the cancellation fee is not paid. This means players from that team will not be able to play in any SCIFL and NAFA tournaments until the cancellation fee is paid, so please make sure when you commit you are committed to playing in the tournament.

Tournament Roundups
Please visit the Tournament Roundups section on the left hand side for prior event(s) information.

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